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An Brief Introduction of Xi’anNo.85 Middle School

Xi’an No.85 middle school, founded in 1950 and located in the cultural district of southern suburb of the Xi’an city, directly under the department of the city’s education, is a provincial standardized high school with beautiful environment, complete facilities, top level teachers and distinctive characteristics. There are over 1,700 students in 32 classes and nearly a fully qualified staff of 146, of whom 44 have the title of a senior post in the school.
Compared with many other middle schools in Xi’an, ours has quite a few advantages besides sophisticated teachers. First of all, it is well resourced and equipped with science labs, language labs, computer rooms, an astronomical observatory, multimedia classrooms, perfect school website, students apartment, dinning hall and so on. At the same time, there are plastic cement race tracks, soccer fields and basketball gymnastics, a standard library with a collection of about 50,000 books, and a multi-functional hall for meetings, recreation and entertainment.
Secondly, our students have made greater achievements than most other senior middle schools in Xi’an during the last few years. Our students, such as Lu Hao, Beijing University graduate and current first secretary of the CYL Central Committee, Jing Qin, the 27th International Mathematics Olympiad gold medal winner, Wang Libin, a well-known basketball coach are typical representatives of our School. For their excellent performances our school was praised as the only secondary school of the north-west area by the State Council. In addition to improving students’ academic achievements, our school emphasizes quality-oriented education, cares about students’ all-round development, and so we carried on a lot of out-of- class activities, such as sports festival, reading festival, cultural festival etc. For one thing, these activities have enriched student’s daily life and strengthened their confidence and the sense of success. For another, the activities help to fully develop the specialties of our students.
Because of the powerful leading group, democratic and scientific administration, and the hard and creative work of teachers and students, we have gained scores of, even hundreds of honorary titles given by district, city, provincial governments such as “experimental school of research study”, “Shaanxi law popularization education model school”, “star schools” in the eyes of millions of readers of Huashang newspaper, “Provincial Civilized Campus”, “provincial law model school” etc.
Adhering to the open mode of running a school and attaching much importance to the cultural exchange with other countries and regions, our school has established friendly relations with Japan and Hong Kong. Everyone in our school strongly believes we can go further, offer green education to more teenagers and achieve more brilliant success with the educational idea of harmonious people-oriented development.
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